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Level Up Your Cyber Security Risk Management

Partnering with Cyber COPE Insurance Certified Agents means you are working with a team who understands industry best practices in Cyber Insurance & Cyber Security Risk Management. HWP’s graduates of the Cyber Cope Insurance Certification (CCIC) Program at Carnegie Mellon University provide comprehensive and custom solutions to protect your business and navigate the changing digital landscape.

To learn more about the CCIC Program, please visit the program’s website.

What Is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber liability insurance protects against liability and property losses that may occur when a business engages in electronic activity including the risks associated with computers and their networks. Common causes of cyber claims are Phishing Schemes, Business Email Compromises, and Ransomware. Most of these cyber exposures are not covered under traditional insurance policies.

A cyber liability policy may cover the following types of claims:

  • Breaches, losses or destruction of data including paper files
  • Expenses associated with notifying those individuals/companies that may be affected by a breach and the cost of monitoring service
  • Loss of revenue and additional expenses incurred as a result of a computer interruption
  • Regulatory fines and penalties
  • Cyber ransom or extortion demands
  • Damages to third party support systems
  • Electronic theft

What Additional Services Do We Offer?

HWP Insurance offers access to various loss mitigation services through our Partner Carriers as well as incident response services.*

  • Security Performance Benchmarking
  • Network Vulnerability Testing
  • Phishing Simulation
  • Response Readiness Assessment
  • Incident Response Mobile Apps
  • Endpoint Security and Response
  • Patch Management

*These services are subject to the coverage and carrier offerings.

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