Auto Insurance

There are several things you should consider when purchasing automobile insurance that your independent agent will help you with. Here are a few: Purchase the amount of liability coverage which makes sense for you. Select the optional coverages you want. Decide which company to purchase insurance from. Don't base your decision solely on price. Other [...]

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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a form of personal lines insurance. The typical homeowners policy has two main sections: 1) covers the property of the insured and 2) provides personal liability coverage to the insured. Get the amount and type of insurance that you need. Determine the amount of personal property insurance and personal liability [...]

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Commercial Insurance

Fire legal coverage provides coverage to for you if you rent a business space and are held responsible for fire damages to that rented space. It does not apply to all business risks. Replacement Cost is the current cost to replace property. Actual Cash Value is the replacement cost less depreciation. Insurance carriers [...]

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Life Insurance

Rough "rules of thumb" suggest an amount of life insurance equal to 6 to 8 times annual earnings. However, many factors should be taken into account in determining a more precise estimate of the amount of life insurance needed. Important factors include: Income sources (and amounts) other than salary/earnings Whether or not the individual is [...]

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