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HWP Insurance partners with top-rated regional and national insurance carriers to offer a wide range of business insurance products. Our knowledgeable advisors will help you navigate the challenges of today’s complex insurance marketplace, providing advice and guidance on insurance solutions tailored to meet your business needs.


The HWP Difference


High Professional Standards

Our staff has advanced insurance training and professional designations, including CPCU, CRM, CIC and Cyber COPE® certifications.


Client-Centered Technology

We integrate advanced technology to streamline operations, manage policies, track client information, and improve efficiency.


Responsive Client Services

We pair each client with a knowledgeable insurance advisor to maintain consistent service and a hassle-free process.


Industry Insiders

Our agents sit on the boards of major insurance carriers. As such, We can advocate on our client's behalf to ensure claims are resolved fairly and quickly.

Insurance Coverage for Your Business

  1. preview-commercial-property

    Commercial Property

    Commercial property insurance protects your business against loss to tangible property including buildings, contents, equipment and inventory. To protect against the financial consequences of a property loss, available insurance coverage include Building, Business Personal Property, Business Interruption, Equipment Breakdown and Inland Marine.

  2. preview-commercial-casuality

    Commercial Casualty

    Commercial Casualty insurance provides coverage for the legal liability a business incurs due to injuries to persons or damage to property. The insurance options available include General Liability, Products Liability, Workers' Compensation, Automobile Liability, Watercraft Liability, Aviation Liability and Umbrella Insurance.

  3. Corporate training, team and man with presentation, leader or graph for financial growth, budget or charts. Male person, employee or accountant with group, staff or coworkers in a meeting and talking

    Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, is essential for professionals across various fields who provide specialized services or advice. This coverage protects you from potential claims made by clients for negligence, errors or omissions in the services you deliver. Professional liability insurance ensures that you are financially protected against these claims, covering legal fees, settlements and damages.

  4. preview-management-professional-liability

    Management Liability

    Management Liability, also known as Executive Liability, provides protection for the organization and its directors and officers for wrongful acts committed in the course of managing the organization. Commonly purchased coverages include Directors and Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Fiduciary Liability & Commercial Crime.

  5. preview-cyber-privacy-security

    Cyber Privacy and Security

    Cyber Privacy and Security Insurance, also known as cyber insurance or cybersecurity insurance, provides protection for financial losses due to cyberattacks, data breaches, and other cyber incidents. Cyber Insurance can cover the third party and first party costs associated with a data breach including data recovery, notification expenses, legal fees, and regulatory fines. Additionally, this policy can provide coverage for losses due to business interruption, reputation damage, and ransom and extortion demands.

  6. preview-foreign-casuality

    Foreign Business Insurance

    Foreign casualty insurance protects businesses against incidents occurring outside of a standard policy coverage territory. This can range from traveling to a conference, products sold abroad, or permanent overseas locations and operations in another country. Coverage is typically provided by a package policy and includes General Liability, Contingent Auto Liability, Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation, Accident & Health and Kidnap & Ransom. Defense Base Act coverage is available for companies working on a U.S. military base or under a contract with the U.S. government.

  7. preview-surety-bonds

    Surety Bonds

    A surety bond is a legally binding contract that ensures one party fulfills its obligations to another. In this three-party agreement, the surety guarantees to a third party (the obligee) that the principal (the party seeking the bond) will perform a specific task or fulfill certain obligations, often within a specified time frame. If the principal fails to meet these obligations, the surety will cover the losses incurred by the obligee. Surety bonds typically include construction payment and performance, license and permit and court bonds.

  8. preview-captive-services

    Captive Services

    Captive Insurance offers insurance and risk management solutions outside of the conventional insurance marketplace and allows companies to become an owner of their own insurance company rather than simply a buyer of an insurance policy. This provides companies access to specialized coverage, transparency into their insurance premiums, control over claims management and risk safety and the ability to reduce insurance costs and earn a profit in the form of dividends and investment income.

Insurance Services for Business Sustainability


Plan Design Consulting & Support

  • In-depth analysis of your needs, exposures and risk
  • Periodic review of coverages, risk exposure and changes in business operations
  • Determination of market pricing and cost containment strategies
  • Thorough analysis to determine which carriers are the best fit for your current needs

Proactive Servicing

  • Quarterly client visits – claims review and coverage analysis
  • 24 hour, online certificate of insurance platform to complement staff support
  • Experience Modification Calculator
  • Online Customer Portal
  • Dedicated Team

Risk Control Resources

  • Identify risks that are a threat to business operations
  • Implement plans to minimize the threat of post-loss shutdown
  • Assistance in disaster recovery and succession planning
  • Risk Management Hub

Risk Mitigation

  • Assist in developing loss prevention and safety strategies to reduce both exposure and cost
  • Proactive contract review to transfer risk
  • Compliance support through online resources – OSHA, safety manuals
  • Partnering with our carriers to provide the most cost-effective risk control programs

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