Recreational Insurance

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Recreational insurance protects you from financial loss due to property damage or injuries sustained during a recreational activity. HWP’s network of insurance carriers can help you find a policy that covers medical expenses, lost wages and other costs associated with an injury.

Recreational insurance can also provide liability and physical damage coverage, plus specialized coverage for recreational vehicles that a standard homeowner's or auto policy does not usually provide.
Choose insurance coverage that protects you if you engage in recreational activities, such as camping, boating, snowmobiling and more.


Complete Coverage for Your Recreational Activities

Insurance companies define recreational vehicles as all-terrain vehicles, dune buggies, golf carts, mini-bikes, motor homes, motorcycles, recreational vehicle trailers, snowmobiles, trail bikes, off-road vehicles, antique and classic autos, and various watercraft, including jet skis.


Regardless of your sport or hobby, we can tailor coverage that mitigates risks associated with your activity. Coverage options include

  • Bodily Injury
  • Physical damage
  • Towing or roadside assistance
  • Personal contents
  • Property damage liability
  • Medical payments
  • Vacation liability
  • Equipment and gear

Watercraft Recreational Insurance

Watercraft recreational insurance protects your investment in leisure activities on the water. Whether you own a boat, jet ski or other types of personal watercraft, insurance covers costs associated with damage, theft and accidents that may occur while enjoying your time on the water.

Having watercraft recreational insurance can also provide peace of mind during the off-season. It covers your watercraft while in storage, protecting it from events such as hurricanes, fire, storm damage or vandalism.


What to consider when Getting Recreational Insurance

When securing recreational insurance, we help you find the right carrier and policy based on several key considerations.

  • Type of recreational activity
  • Amount of use
  • Equipment value
  • Potential risks
  • Coverage limitations
  • Liability coverage
  • Policy cost
  • Carrier reputation

Considering these factors helps us guide you toward the recreational insurance that best suits your needs. Our goal is to help you select the coverage you need for your leisure activities, so you can enjoy them with peace of mind, knowing you're covered no matter what may happen.

We Provide Tools that Help You Get the best Coverage

Empowering You with Premier Recreational Coverage Options. We recognize the significance of your leisure pursuits and are committed to safeguarding them. With a range of coverage options from our trusted carriers, we ensure you find a policy tailored to your unique needs.

We leverage cutting-edge technology like our coverage comparison tool to simplify your decision-making. We offer you a transparent view of available insurance policies, detailing their costs, coverage extents, and advantages. Our goal? To arm you with the knowledge you need to select the most suitable recreational insurance seamlessly.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why do I need recreational insurance if I already have home or auto insurance?

    While some home or auto insurance policies may offer limited coverage for recreational vehicles or activities, recreation insurance is tailored specifically to the unique risks associated with these activities and often provides broader protection, including coverage that might not be available under standard policies.

  • What types of recreational vehicles can be covered under recreation insurance?

    Various recreational vehicles can be insured, including but not limited to motorhomes, travel trailers, boats, personal watercraft (like jet skis), all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles and motorcycles.

  • Does recreational insurance only cover physical damage to the vehicle?

    Recreation insurance can offer a range of coverages, such as liability protection if someone is injured or property is damaged, medical payments coverage for injuries to the insured or passengers, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and coverage for personal belongings inside the vehicle or equipment.

  • How can I reduce the premium on my recreational insurance?

    Premiums can often be reduced by taking safety courses related to the recreational activity or vehicle, installing safety or anti-theft devices, bundling insurance policies, choosing a higher deductible or taking advantage of seasonal or lay-up periods where coverage is reduced during off-season months.

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