Executive Programs

HWP Insurance work with business owners, management, members of the board and other professional advisors to establish executive pay programs. These programs combine prudent, fair compensation with benefits that draw, retain and motivate decision makers. With over 35 years’ experience in the nation’s capital creating and implementing successful executive programs, our team of qualified and licensed advisors is ready to provide you with the guidance and resources necessary to customize your executive program.


Our team is able to offer guidance across a range of executive compensation topics, including:

  • partnership

    Business Succession planning

    Buy-Sell Agreements are legally binding documents that stipulate how a partner’s share of a business will be dissolved upon death or otherwise leaving the business to ensure business continuity.  They can also assist in determining the value of the business and ensure that a business continues in the event of death or disability to one of the partner’s.

    Types of agreements: Cross Purchase and Entity Purchase are the most common and are typically funded through the purchase of life and disability insurance contracts.

  • health

    Key Person Life Insurance

    Many small and medium size companies rely heavily on a select group of individuals that drive their business. The death of one of these individuals can be crippling for a business’ survival. Key person life insurance ensures that the business can survive and maintain business operations by providing much needed funds from the insurance proceeds to make up for loss of sales, continue to pay business debts as well as funds to replace the key person.


Executive Benefits

Attracting and retaining Key personnel is crucial to the long-term success of any business. Working with a proven consultant that can design and implement programs that offer coverages in sync with the lifestyle and success your key personnel have earned is crucial

  • Supplemental Disability Income Protection- Often executives' salaries and bonuses are above the maximum covered by standard group disability benefits, resulting in a significant replacement income gap. Supplemental executive disability programs can be structured individually or in carve-outs to ensure those executives have full income replacement in the event of a disability.

  • Executive Life Insurance- Like group disability, group life insurance does not provide appropriate coverage that the executives need to feel protected and valued.

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