Cyber Liability Insurance

Protect Your Digital Average with Complete Coverage

In today's digital age, every click, transaction and online interaction can expose businesses to potential cyber threats. HWP understands the critical nature of these challenges. We partner with carriers that offer robust insurance solutions including support before and after a breach.
When you choose HWP, you're selecting more than just an insurance agency; you're gaining a partner committed to safeguarding your digital operations.


Cyber Liability Insurance Is More Important Than Ever

Every business, regardless of size or industry, faces potential cyber threats. From sophisticated hacking attempts to simple human errors, vulnerabilities can expose businesses to significant operational disruptions, financial burdens and potential legal actions. Beyond the immediate damages, a cyber breach can erode the trust and confidence your clients and partners place in your organization, potentially impacting relationships and revenues for years to come.

Cyber liability insurance isn't just a safety net; it's a cornerstone of a responsible and forward-thinking business strategy.

Mitigate Cyber Risks with the Right Coverage

Relying solely on traditional insurance can leave significant gaps in your protection, as conventional insurance provides little or no protection against cyber claims. Cyber liability insurance fills these gaps, offering a safety net against the unique challenges posed by cyber threats.

At HWP, our knowledgeable advisors guide you through the maze of cyber risks, from phishing attempts to email mishaps and ransomware attacks.


We help you identify and select a policy tailored to your needs, ensuring coverage for scenarios such as:

  • Breach-related data loss or destruction
  • Loss of revenue
  • Ranson or extortion demands
  • Digital asset theft
  • Public or client notifications
  • Business disruption costs
  • Third-party losses
  • Invoice Manipulation Fraud

In a world where digital threats evolve daily, partnering with HWP gives you peace of mind, knowing you're always a step ahead, safeguarding your business's future.


Advanced Cyber Defense Solutions

At HWP Insurance, we go beyond just providing coverage. Through our partner carriers, we offer specialized services tailored to fortify your digital defenses. These services are designed to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your cyber resilience proactively:

  • Incident response mobile application
  • Efficient password management
  • Real-world cybersecurity tabletop exercises
  • Comprehensive third-party network scanning & rating
  • Rigorous network vulnerability testing
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) compliance
  • Realistic phishing simulations

With our support, you're equipped to tackle emerging cyber threats, social engineering fraud and crypto-jacking. Our team will also help you navigate the complexities of recent regulations, such as the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, ensuring you remain compliant.

Secure Your Digital Future with HWP

HWP has been the trusted partner for businesses across Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C for over a century.

Don't leave your digital assets exposed. Reach out to our seasoned insurance professionals today and fortify your defenses with tailored cyber liability insurance. Click below or give us a call to get started.

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